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Commercial Painting

We offer an extensive array of painting services tailored to commercial spaces. High Level Painting LLC can tackle small to medium-sized commercial painting projects, both interior and exterior. Commercial services are more challenging projects that require constant communication, careful scheduling and strict safety practices. You can feel confident that our professional painters will produce incredible results.


We pride ourselves on being a professional commercial painting contractor that our customers can count on to do the right thing. We maintain full General Liability and Workmanship Coverage and are committed to keeping a clean and safe work site for our customers and partners.


- Multifamily
- Town Homes
- Condos
- Apartments
- Duplexes

- Healthcare     Facilities
- Offices
- Retail


- Warehouses
-Shopping  Centers
- Banks

Our team of professional and expert painters work tirelessly to ensure your painting project meets and exceeds your expectations. In an effort to meet the needs we have developed a very specific procedure we like to follow when tackling a commercial interior or exterior painting project.

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